The fastest method of liquidating ones assets is an auction.  Ottawa River Auctions can turn your household, business, or estate into cash in a matter of weeks.

Let us take on the work and hassle of organizing your items, separating sellable items from trash, and delivering each item to the winning bidders.


At Ottawa River Auctions, we provide the service of an opinion of value. If you have an item you need or want an honest evaluation of its worth, we are happy to do the research.  We will provide an appropriate scale of your items potential liquid value.  This can be especially helpful when deciding if an auction is the right decision for you and your needs.

Household Clean Outs

We understand it is not always possible or logical to have an auction.  Which is why we offer household outs.  For a one time payment of $1,250, we will rid your home of all its contents and refuse. We will provide the first dumpster at no addition cost.

Free Consultations!

We are happy to come to your home to evaluate the best possible method of turning your items into cash free of charge.

Next Steps…

We understand the burden of liquidating a business or an estate, don’t stress and don’t wait. Call or email us for an appointment.  We will be happy to help you.

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